Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Free Your Mind and The Rest Will Follow

 (a lil desky-table I picked up at Habitat for Humanity a coupla' years ago & a simple sculpture, lovingly crafted by artist Michael Dutcher)

Although I am an interior designer by trade, life's events have funneled me into wearing many other hats lately. Most specifically, I have been staging quite a lot of properties for a couple of the best real estate agents in my area.

During these staging stunts & stories, I have come across ohhhhh so many different types of properties, (and personas that go with it).
By and by, the most resonating theme is: stuff.
We all have stuff.
Too much, usually.

Being impartial, and psychologically removed from other people's said "stuff," I have this PSA to put out in to the universe: edit. Edit please. Please!

If your things don't meet the three requirements of being beautiful, purposeful and inspiring—just get rid of it. Donate it. Trash it. Sell it. But purge it, nonetheless. Frankly, it is no matter if someone gave it to you ten years ago, and you love them dearly. Please choose to love yourself enough to know there is no place for a doe-eyed-figurine of an angel telling you to "live, laugh and love" on your mantle. You're smart. You know how you should be l-i-v-i-n' without a mantra being proclaimed to you in miniature everyday, collecting dust, and eerily staring at you.

As it turns out, I will be selling my dream-house-in-the-making in a couple of weeks, (after the end of a 13-year-relationship and 2 homes we rehabbed). My two kiddos and I will be moving from my current 5-bedroom-home, to likely a 2-bedroom apartment.  I am currently in the same mindset that I implore all my sellers to have: less is more.
And ya' know what? I am thrilled about having less stuff! To hold on to just the pieces that meet my above three requirements, and to truly hone in on my personal aesthetic, seems freeing, and cultivated, and deliberate.

So get rid of your stuff.  The stuff that is in the way of letting you lead the life you want to live, or the stuff that no longer energizes you. Whether you, yourself, are moving or squatting or staking claim in your place for the long haul, as Nike would suggest, "just do it."

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Unknown said...

Thank you for the inspiration I needed at just the right time.