Thursday, October 8, 2015

One year, and four days later...

 photo cred: ravelry

It has been one year and four days since I was rushed by ambulance to
The University of Pennsylvania with a brain bleed (an acute subdural
hematoma). It unexpectedly occurred exactly one week after I had a
concussion from that classic kid apparatus, a Slip 'n' Slide.

In that year so much has happened:

I am able to use a computer, again.
I am able to use my phone, again.
I am able to watch television, again.
I am able to sleep without wearing an eye mask.
I am able to walk/run/jump/play/exercise independently.
I am able to cook, again.
I am able to multi-task, again.
I am able to read, again.
I am able to write, again.
I am able to draw, again.
I am able to go to concerts, again.
I am able to go to the movies, again.
I am able to do laundry, again (ugh).
I am able to fully parent my children, again.
I am able to bike, again (with a helmet).
I am able to listen to loud music, again!
I have learned to drive at night, again.
I have learned to take care of myself, again.
I have learned to appreciate the important things, again.
I have learned to see who the truly important people are, again.
I have cultivated my business.
I have cultivated my sense of self, again.
I have been a single mom since this past July.
I have changed.
I have grown.
I am better.

I am one of the lucky ones. Although there are stories and anecdotes
to each of the above declarations, the core of the matter is that I am
grateful.  Grateful for the possibilities of today, tomorrow and the
many, many days, and years, and decades that I look forward to after

I just want to publicly say thank you to all my "people." You know who
you are.  By blood, or by heart, you have all been my family.  You have
literally held me physically or emotionally to a standard I couldn't have mustered
up alone. I see you in your struggles too, and you have battled with me
through mine.

Through emotional scuffles and successes that I am currently enduring,
the light at the end of this tunnel is blindingly bright.  This past
year has brought me such defining clarity, and I am honored to be a part
of the circles I spin with.  Personally, professionally, and parentally,
I have gained great strength through the people that surround me. 
Thank you for your wisdom, strength, and commitment to me and my kids.

I am eternally thankful for you all.

xx -c

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