Tuesday, July 7, 2015

This "Shoemaker" Finally Got Some Shoes!

Six years ago when we moved in to our second house, I was 29 years old and 7 months pregnant with our first kiddo. Our soon-to-be-home had been on the market quite some time and I had even said aloud a couple times, "Who the hell is gonna buy that?" upon seeing it online, in 70s-era-condition, listed for wAAaaAAay too much money. But eventually the sellers did some cheap, half-assed staging fixes, and dropped the price considerably, so Ken and called our realtor and we went to take a look at it.  It was vanilla, still pretty dated, and at the top of our price range, but in a Beaver Cleaver type of neighborhood in one of the best towns out there—we were hopeful.

The layout was quintessential-turn-of-the-century-twin, which we loved.  It had [and is now painted until further notice], faux wood paneling all over the entire third floor, paneling in one of the 2nd floor bedrooms, and in the kitchen. The light fixtures all looked like boobs, there was some kind of play on a Japanese screen posing as the 1st floor banister, and a bright-green-plastic-coated chain link fence encircling the garden.
So of course we bought it with ideas of grandeur and pre-kid ambition...

Six years later, after working on adulthood, and parenting, and bathing our now 2 kids in a bathroom that looked like a 70s frat house, (and with a floor I had ripped up months ago that was down to the plywood and crumbling Thinset)—here we finally are with a new bathroom!
Mind you, it was not free and we didn't 100% DIY it, but it was for sure on a budget.
(We are not Main Line-ers.)

After removing the wallpaper and seeing the ripped up mess of drywall that remained, I went with it, and did a play on dark Venetian plaster. This part was free because I used paint that we had.
The pressed paper ceiling tiles got a few fresh coats of Martha Stewart metallic silver paint.
Rather than keep the cream and tan wall tiles with the gold fleck as they were, we had a pro reglazer come in to spray them all pure white.  No tile in a landfill, but the paint was by no means "green," as that paint smell lingered in our house for longer than I would have preferred.
A great contractor came in to patch up part of the sub floor, install our new tile floor, and changed out our commode.
My husband and father-in-law replaced the shower spigots (which took way longer and had way more issues that expected), so thanks to them for all their hard work.  I know it was really annoying to work so hard in such a tight space: so seriously thank you guys.
After I built 3 shelves in the nook behind the john to gain some more storage, Four Sons Glass came in to add mirrors on that wall above the shelves.  Even if you just see the mirror a little, it's sole purpose exists to reflect in more light and give the illusion of space.
*This was cheap people.  Do this mirror idea if you take away anything from reading this.

Oh—and the light over the existing medicine cabinet: itza builder-grade-snooze-fest.  I'd like to get something really special there one day.  But until that day comes I took off the horrendous white glass bell shades and added in oven bulbs because they are way cheaper than Edison bulbs while executing the same visual effect.

Anyway, we finally got the will, so we found a way.

Many thanks again to Four Sons Glass, Josh Mitchell of Classic Stoneworks, Designer Tub & Tile, my husband, and my in-laws for getting this project off, running, and splashing.
Check out all the pics of our new space on my site too!

(The two pictures below are from 2008 when we came to get the inspection on our home)

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