Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dreams for Sale

 (entry of a staged home I did that was in contract in 3 days)

As of late, I have been in a few new clients homes who are getting ready to sell.

These homeowners have big dreams of the fun future in their new homes with their growing families. But often, their wallets aren't growing as fast as their dreams and they need every bit of their budget to figure out the logistics of spending their hard earned cash for moving trucks, pizza for dinner, closing costs and a new furniture piece or two (or three), for the new digs.

Because of this, these clients have opted out of getting their homes fully staged (by me), and rather have hired me to come in to their current homes and "walk and talk" them through what they should do to get their house market-ready. Think: real-estate-reality-check.

Wisely, they have made a minimal investment for an hour or two appointment with yours truly, and gotten a bevy of information about what to specifically do to their place to receive top dollar for their listing. After all, they need to sell "the dream" too,  to all the potential buyers that will be coming in to their home.  And buyers are pretty savvy these days. Who hasn't seen HGTV at least once in their life? Moreover, most buyers check out pictures online before they even attempt to go to an open-house, so it's imperative to put your best foot forward or they may pass over your home in sheer seconds if those pictures on their laptop aren't pretty!

You only get one chance to make a first impression in real estate. But you know this. It's not a secret that staged houses look better. But did you know that they sell faster, for more money, and for less concessions by the buyer? Well now you do.

So when you decide it's time to put your house up for sale, what will you do—stage it or roll the dice and hope that someone dreams of moving in to your place as-is? What dream are you selling to buyers?

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Shop ME!

Yep, I went and reinstated my Etsy shop! Maybe you can't walk in my perfectly sunlit, and wonderfully symmetrical shop on the main street of my town (as I imagine it in my head), but at least you can shop these patina-ed &/or pleasurable items that add a splash of hefty personality to your home. You're likely to find a treasure all your own, or one to give.  Find me direct on Etsy or click on my SHOP tab on my interior design page. And shop-back often: as I will always be adding new items.

Here's to wishing one day I'm a brick-and-mortar shop! Hope your dreams come true too. We all need a little faerie dust...