Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I Walk The Line

Photo Courtesy of Elephant Journal

I was thinking back today about one of my early potential clients...

Walking up to his adorable cottage, I was greeted with a maelstrom of his demands (or were they commands!?) for the direction he thought he wanted his space to go.  Demand or command, the would-be client insisted on me delivering his clear-as-mud version of what he envisioned as good design. I was horrified by his tunnel vision (and the nasty collections he wanted to include). It further seemed HE was horrified at any of my aesthetic digressions from HIS ideas.

It took me many deep breaths and forced smiles and nods, not to say, "Then what I am here for? If you have it all figured out, just do it yourself!"  

But, of course I didn't.  I do maintain my professionalism. And eventually, I politely bowed out from his home (and the unseemly project that had no legs).

I like to think that I achieve great balance in creating spaces for my clients that speak volumes of who they are—while pushing them outside their comfort zone—and still maintaining good design integrity in their environment. I like to think that I am good at what I do.  I like to think that someone hires me not only for my budget-gourmet-achievability, but also my capacity to design in and around challenges and obstacles, whether financial or structural. I like to think that people hire me because they like what I do and how I do it.

But of course we don't all have the same vision, do we? 

Sometimes it's just best to walk away from a project, a person, people, or a paradigm where you're not appreciated for being authentic to your own value system. And that's okay.

And I will walk the long walk if I have to.

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