Tuesday, June 24, 2014

D E S I G N + L I F E + K I D S kicks off summer...

Rit Dye, (one of my staples in life) + Bing aided in the tie-dying and coordination of the party

I'll be honest, I'm not big on gathering with large groups of people (unless it's a concert). Especially not groups of strangers. Especially not groups of 100% female strangers. I just usually feel like the oddball out for a variety of reasons...

But, when my friend, Kim, the founder, writer, and badass-aesthetic-minded-mama of DLK invited me to her "A Radiant Orchid Summer" soiree, I must say I was looking forward to it. She asked us to wear something Radiant Orchid to celebrate Pantone's color of the year and it was neato to see what everyone's interpretation of that was.  Arriving to see all the coolish stuff and delish edibles and color saturated surprises amidst the backdrop of her vertically vast yard was refreshing from the usual events and backyard keg parties I once frequented so often in my twenties (sigh).

It felt good to do something different than my usual Saturday norm, and even better to talk to (dare I say it?!?), strangers! There were lots of business-minded, creative women, all trying to get their voices out in the world and make a living at it.  And even though our conversations were lightly peppered with talk of our kiddos, generally we all stuck to discussing who the hell WE were, and we put down our mom hats for the afternoon.

We tie-dyed, used flowers from The Bouqs to make bracelets (my daughter really LOVED this gift), played with the best insta-slushy ever, ate things and drank seriously awesome beer, and enjoyed the company of one another on a seriously gorgeroni day.  Oh, and then when we left, Kim gave us a swag bag (well, bucket), of all this super cool stuff from all the companies that sponsor her.  Because that's right, she's legit in the blogosphere.  After I left, I felt a little more legit in the atmosphere.  That mighta' been the Blueberry Beer talking though.

Regardless, she kicked off the Summer sensation right, and I thank her and all those [apparently] strange women for that! Hostess with the mostest award goes to Kim (and the DLK team)!
Thanks for the afternoon.
And the inspiration.