Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Teach Your Children Well

I prefer to shun card and jewelry commercials and yell obscenities and wit at the t.v. when I do catch V-Day commercialism trying to guilt the public at large in to consuming and conceding. But I do love teaching my kids what kindness and love are REALLY about; and that is a principle we do celebrate every day.  In fact, Sunday is our official "Love Day." Every single week.
Mushy? Yes.
Important to the fabric of my family and society? Yes.
Do you wanna gag yourself with a spoon now? Go ahead.

But my daughter reminded me Valentine's day was, in fact, this Friday, and that she was "...soOoOoOOo excited for it."  So I figured I'd humor that enthusiasm.
Anyway, this frugal scrap paper project with the kids gave us a creative respite from the mess left from breakfast and the reality of laundry and diapers to be washed. The glow of the blinding snow flooded in our dining room and we sat and worked together.  Even baby Marin added some soft scribbles to the construction paper hearts.

Scrap Decorative Paper & Construction paper + Tape + Time Well Spent Chatting Coloring and Cutting With Kiddos = Much appreciated Homespun Happiness.

And it really didn't take much time or effort and that's always a good thing.

$0.00 spent.
Love tank: filled.
Card stores: bite me.
Jewelry commercials: my five-year-old is a stealthier manipulator.

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