Thursday, March 7, 2013

Plant a Seed: hope it'll grow.

(not me) Thanks, tumblr!

I finally did yoga again today. Last time I did it I was 8 months
pregnant. Then I fell off the wagon. It feels so good to be back. My mind needs it about as bad as my body does, if not more.
But I really wish I had a room, a yoga room, strictly designated for my

It'd be far more calming if I wasn't slightly on edge that my daughter
might at any moment slither under my Downward Dog, my Baby-Bud-Man might
 need sustenance, or some weirdo might knock on my door trying to peddle me steaks out of a truck.

Ahhhh: maybe when I'm an empty-nester.
Until then a chick can plan:

Photo Courtesy:  her split ends blog

Photo Courtesy of French By Design 

Photo Courtesy of Martha

Photo Courtesy of Nantucket Home

Pic courtesy of Knight Moves

1st Dibs is Amazing.

Pottery Barn does Dhurrie

My friend Ellen told me about John Marin. Lovely. Brooding. Bright. Photo from ArtNet.

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