Monday, March 18, 2013

Enter at Your Own Risk

 photo I snapped while walking

I wished his awnings were open...

During a trip to NYC awhile back, Ken and I went to visit our friends, Geee-off & Jean. Geee-off took us on an impromptu walking tour to see the sights and enjoy sporadic beverages and nosh (my kind of travel).  While walking I got the chills as I spotted the most amazingly cool, quiet, refined and silver-fox-like front door. A year and a half later I saw the same door published in Elle Decor.  Turns out it was the entry to the home of one of my very favorite interior designers: Miles Redd. He has style steaming from his pores… with a little thought and planning, your front door can steam, too!


Pic by me: In love with corbels. (NYC)

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