Thursday, August 30, 2012

Forging a Wiser Path

Photo Courtesy of Babble

By happenstance, propensity for self-improvement and understanding my matriarchal role in my little nucleus, I have been guided to an impressive periodical called Pathways that I picked up at my Chiropractor's house—I mean, office.

Between the chickens running in the hilly, green, yard, and the terrific alignments I have received, there lies much more knowledge on their property than meets the traffic-glazed eye. Here is where I was introduced to a magazine that felt like a cheerleader I heard in the distant sidelines—the one you need to hear when there's chaos in the play-by-play on the field.

Relying on a diet rich in information from educationally decorated sources, rather than rich on advertisements (as so many baby/child/family/health/lifestyle magazines are any more), Pathways stands out as a source of quiet heroism for the reader who is looking for something more enriching to help them in designing the life they want to live: a life with depth, gratitude, and awareness for what they feel rather than what others tell them to feel.

As an interior designer, I like to design spaces with personality and self-reflection in mind. Affordable, "green," authentic, and approachable are the spaces (and the people) that appeal to me the most. It's nice for a room to reflect what's going on inside the homeowner and I think congruently, some internal re-design is worth its weight in gold!

Pathways is something I wanted to suggest as a tip for a little "INterior design."