Friday, March 30, 2012

Productive Plans for the Homey and You

Being that it's Friday and all, usually this is that time of the week when we expressive-types get a good ol' hankering to go out this afternoon and gather our last minute supplies for our weekend creative outlets, DIY projects, and such.
In case you haven't got a project up your proverbial sleeve, I can hook you up!
These are some good ones I've come across lately:

1. Ickish Floors? Nuthin' a lil paint can't cure:
(Apartment Therapy)

2. Kids makin' you crazola with all their books? Hang em' low; Hang em' high:
(Penny Carnival)

3. Tis da freakin' season:

4. Blah Wall? Easy-peasy-wall-jewelry for any frame or shape:

5. Free your dining room table and make a desk already:

This weekend, I think I'm going to opt for the gardening section of things because it's more fun to drink beers outside.

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