Monday, March 26, 2012

Pop Advice

Although my friend, Katie, lives hundreds of miles away from me in a topographical oasis in the Rocky Mountains, she has given me nuggets of parental knowledge from a distance:
One of my favorite pieces of info she gave me is using chamomile for fussy kids.

Now listen people: neither one of us are Naturopaths or anything, so don't take this as certified medical advice, but I hafta say chamomile pills & tea have soothed my daughter through her roughest patches of illness and teething, as well as guided her in to siesta-land despite her defiant demeanor. Katie, who travels via airplane with her kids, prefers to give them chamomile then. Apparently she has gotten lots of compliments from other airplane passengers of how well-behaved her kids are!

Often before bed, my tot loves to drink her warm Sleepytime tea with honey and much delight. Lately, as the weather has changed, so has her interest in the drowsy drink. I guess her sophisticated palette prefers something more seasonally-appropriate than hot tea before night-night time after a warm day.

So my genius hubby had what I think to be a fantastic idea, and any caretaker of any cranky kid may benefit from this idea:
Turn that Sleepytime Tea (or Chamomile tea of choice) into ice pops! What kid doesn't love ice pops?

So easy, too:
Just steep the tea bag(s) as directed, add as much honey as your kid likes, and freeze the brew in a pop mold!
What a treat for your sleepy one (and your sanity) at the end of the day!

My kid loves it and I love the dude of my house for thinking of it!
You can thank me for sharing this cozy-cool remedy after you try it for yourselves.

* [Make sure your child has no allergies to teas or to honey...Check with your pediatrician for advice and age-appropriateness]

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