Wednesday, March 14, 2012


My kid has inspired many things to change or shift in my life.
One of the happier things we have embraced are all things chalkboard.
Chalkboards have stood the test of time for a reason: they morph from a learning tool, to a communication tool, to a good surface to create some fun, education, and imagination.

My daughter's dresser drawers are chalk-labeled to help her find things and associate them with their corresponding spelling! Chalkboards have eased our family communication about whether or not the dishwasher is full of clean (C) or dirty (D) dishes. And our dining room wall is waiting to be crusted with even more chalkboards to welcome guests, celebrate holidays, playing games with friends after wine-filled dinners, and oh yes—educating our 3-year-old!

Chalkboards have been in fashion for eons it seems, and although they have re-emerged as a trend, it is certainly one that will see a lifetime of enjoyment from my household.

Now, I just need to tackle a new project with chalkboard cloth my friend Katy gave me and make that a part of our life...

Maybe there is a kitchen door, mudroom, or car dashboard in your life that could use a little chalk and inspiration!

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About Michele said...

I love these ideas!! Chalkboards are a fave in our house. They're versatile, functional, fun and a teaching tool to boot! Thank you so much for showing our chalkboard labels in action (: Just became a new follower and look forward to more of your upcoming posts (: