Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Not as douche-y as you may think...

My mom called me tonight all irritated at me that I haven't blogged in sometime. And well, I agree that I've been annoyed with that subject too.
"I have things on the back burner to write about," I retorted, "I just haven't been in my office for longer than seven seconds(in order to grab something) in, like, forever."

"Well, make time to write" she said.
She went on, "I'm so sick of looking at that window-cleat-thingy that's been there [as your last blog] forever. Why don't you write about that vinegar solution you told me about? I love it. It makes me so happy."

After discussing the ease and sheer wonderfulness of my all-purpose-household-cleaner with her for a moment, I challenged her by saying that the cleaner (that I use like mad on a daily basis) is "no big deal" and "everybuddy knows about it," and that "anyone can look it up." But after some convincing on her end, here I am, bloggin' about it.

So the backstory is: after I bore a tiny human from my womb over three years ago, I decided to give up yickish, scary cleaners I was fearful of using around my food, my dogs, or more importantly my family.

This kick-ass-cleaning-potion I stumbled upon one day after another random, well-intended link my mother emailed me, can be used on mirrors, glass, inside microwaves and fridges, on patio furniture, awesome on cast iron skillets, shower stalls, grills, eyeglasses, vinyl, any floor, diamond rings, and a myriad of other surfaces and things. It will blow your mind how low on odor it is and how impactful it can be on your life and wallet if you give it a chance.

Here's the 'ingreedeements'(as my mother would say):
white vinegar and water.

I use a plain ol' spray bottle, add about an inch or two of white vinegar and fill the rest up with water. And, if you were unaware, a giganto jug of white vinegar costs about $1.79, and that's the name brand kind. Vinegar as many people know is one of nature's many miracles.

It's not often one comes across a miracle for under two dollars, but now you have.

Thanks, Ma.

***Oh, and if your toddler decides to spray this potion in their face in a fit of tremendous, comedic rage one night, you won't hafta take them to the hospital after, like you would with something off a big-box-shelf. Good to know.***