Monday, December 26, 2011

Blue Blood

Tonight, as I read my three-year-old-daughter to sleep in her 4-post-bed, we read a book we had not yet read before: Grover Goes to School.

A couple of pages in, she pointed to his name, deep, within a fairly long paragraph, and said, "Grover!"
"Yes!" I said, with genuine enthusiasm. "How did you knooooow how to read that?"
And without skipping a beat, she turned to me from the cuddly spot she had occupied in the nook of my left arm, and looked my dead in the eyes. She replied, "...because I am a Proper Woman!" and proceeded to put her wee nose back in to the book.
My only option was to burst out in laughter: I'm pretty sure I sounded like a drunk man.
"You sure ARE a Proper Woman," I finally managed to say.

*Every night my comfy family of three discusses the best part of our day. That was certainly the best part of mine.

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