Thursday, October 20, 2011

Work In Progress

My home is a reflection of all the pieces I love and treasure, and it is also peppered with many pieces waiting to be worked on or replaced by better choices, just like my life.

All the good parts of who I am is a reflection of all the good, incredible women who've helped in molding and raising me.
I took all the best pieces of my mother, my Aunt, my several "Aunties," my childhood friends' mothers, and of course my babysitter/adopted second mama, and made them part of my chemical make up. What's left of the original me, (sans the amazing parts I didn't absorb from all these incredible females), ya' know the ickish stuff in my head that I was born into, is waiting to grow and improve with time.

I've always been hard on the aspects of myself that have not been formed into what I hope they can one day be.
I am a work in progress, just like my house.
And like my house, I will not stop working on it until it's done.
And it will probably never be done.
But what I can do as a service to myself and my community at large is to give in the best way I know how, right now. And right now, I can also be kind to myself, as well as kind to others.
I can continue to do the little things I do, like donate my cast-off clothing, or bring a side dish to my local homeless shelter every few weeks.
But my bigger moment as of late, is raising my daughter to be a dreamer, a wonderer, a polite citizen and an empathetic soul. Undoubtedly, investing in a child is an investment worth making. You can try your best to help make them better than you are/were. You can show them all the things you know, and direct them to investigate all the things and possibilities you wished you had known.

Moreover, investing in a girl can change everything. Women are the matriarchs (whether they bear children or not) that empower other women to be just as strong as they are soft, to be inquisitive, outspoken, resourceful, appreciative, and appreciated.

I appreciate all the women who have taught me how to be the most dynamic person I can be in so many arenas. I am so very thankful for each and every one of them. And finally, I am starting to appreciate myself, even if I am a work in progress -- and I'm thankful for that.
All interiors can use some enhancements.