Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Personal Dynasty

( Dynasty Set)

Growing up, I used to watch Dynasty with my mother on our brown, smooshy, velveteen couch one special night a week.  Although I didn't grasp much of what was going on, (other than they had a lot more drama going on in their estates than we did in our two-bedroom-apartment), I did appreciate their attention to design detail in every space where the characters galavanted.

But that was the Eighties, when excess was king and so was hairspray.

Now in the ‘tween’ era of the 21st Century, things have become more streamlined, but they most certainly have incorporated a nod to many, many decades past.

Although I certainly revel in the design esthetic of midcentury in my 1900 home, I love to throw in a bit of "Dynasty Style" whenever I get the appropriate chance.  

The point being, as so many designers like to make, is to layer your home and your spaces with a reflection of you, and all the many things that hopefully inspire you—even if it is “The Carrington’s.”

Here are some Dyn-tastic-Eighties’ ideas, updated:

Lucite + Animal print + Gold = Dynasty 5000!

Dynasty Gold on top, classic cottage on the bottom. A nice fit.

Cantcha' see Krystal Carrington in one of her 3/4 length satin nighties, just lounging there, applying lotion?

"Alexis-Style" wallpaper in a nursery! She was so before-her-time...

Timeless. Just like the Carrington's social graces.

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