Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Personal Dynasty

( Dynasty Set)

Growing up, I used to watch Dynasty with my mother on our brown, smooshy, velveteen couch one special night a week.  Although I didn't grasp much of what was going on, (other than they had a lot more drama going on in their estates than we did in our two-bedroom-apartment), I did appreciate their attention to design detail in every space where the characters galavanted.

But that was the Eighties, when excess was king and so was hairspray.

Now in the ‘tween’ era of the 21st Century, things have become more streamlined, but they most certainly have incorporated a nod to many, many decades past.

Although I certainly revel in the design esthetic of midcentury in my 1900 home, I love to throw in a bit of "Dynasty Style" whenever I get the appropriate chance.  

The point being, as so many designers like to make, is to layer your home and your spaces with a reflection of you, and all the many things that hopefully inspire you—even if it is “The Carrington’s.”

Here are some Dyn-tastic-Eighties’ ideas, updated:

Lucite + Animal print + Gold = Dynasty 5000!

Dynasty Gold on top, classic cottage on the bottom. A nice fit.

Cantcha' see Krystal Carrington in one of her 3/4 length satin nighties, just lounging there, applying lotion?

"Alexis-Style" wallpaper in a nursery! She was so before-her-time...

Timeless. Just like the Carrington's social graces.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Footloose and Fancy-Free

I am by no means too proud to say that this morning, while I was scrubbing the toilet I lost all sense of class. I was cleaning the loo, as I often do with a grimaced face and hurried pace when my daughter came into the bathroom.

She automatically reached in the bathtub to remove her potty bowl insert from her training toilet. It had been sitting in there waiting to be sterilized and returned to its proper location.
When she high-tailed it out of the bathroom running with that germ-vessel, I looked up as quickly as I was scrubbing the pot. In my haste, toilet water splashed up from below me and landed on my foot. In an instant, my instinct was to wash my appendage, but my daughter was already halfway down the hall with her unsterilized potty bowl! So in a hybrid moment of motherhood and OCD, I Lysol-ed my own foot and ran down the hall after her.
I, Cira, watched myself in disgust, Lysoling my own foot.

It's amazing what motherhood has brought me to.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Doggone it.

Ken and I recently went to a free Dr. Dog concert with Law and Brendo overlooking the Delaware River.
The view was priceless.
And so was the People-watching.

There were premies, preppies, braided-heads and baby-boomers all so texturally-inspiring to the landscape and to my design ideas. I really wanted to go out and find a tapestry somewhere and hang it up real hard and proud-like as soon as I got home.

While we watched the band play, a glow-in-the-dark-hula-hooper crushed it on the dance floor (all while wearing ivory lace culottes). Law and I got talking about how beautiful it was to see men and women of all ages and passions begin to feel more comfortable representing their soul and ambition and history and envy through their attire.
I'm happy to see people collectively moving that principle into their homes, too.

My mom has really been onto just that something for such a long time, but it wasn't until I moved out of her house did I miss or appreciate it so much.
I love walking in to someone's house and feeling like I'm inside their head.
(Unless they're scary, and then that's creepy, but still interesting all the same.)

I think that not only should one's home be their sanctuary, but a telling tapestry of themselves, too.