Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pool It Together

I have the distinct privilege of housesitting for my very good family friends, Smidge and Jest. I have known them for, well, ever. Not only do they have big hearts, beauty, brains, and badinage, but a pool, too.
The pool is not too big.
It's not too small.
It's juuuust right.

And what makes it even more right is being surrounded by lush greenery and my own thoughts.
Makes me feel like a kid to swim real hard and do underwater handstands.
It doesn't get much better than that in the late days of August.
It's the "low sound of August," as my mother would say.
My "Auntie" Maggie calls it "Limbo" after an old article in Down East magazine.

The sounds of the bugs are louder.
Tans have been established.
Tomato growth is slower.
It's a time to sit and reflect in our abundant gardens (or loaned pools) and be appreciative.
A time to look ahead to crisp Fall days and the projects in our heads.

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