Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We Are The Warriors

I felt so bad when I saw that my daughter had two mosquito bites are the front of her shin.

They were unusually tight and swollen and quite hot to the touch.
Later that night when she suddenly had a low grade fever, I was convinced it was her little immune system doing overtime because of those hideous mosquito bites.
So, bug spray was in order.
But I didn't want spray my little blondie with chemicals I had never heard of.

I got thinking about companion plants for veggies that help kept pests away and it came to me:
My husband had thankfully planted (a close to obscene amount of) mint in the bare spots along the side of house and we had rosemary growing in a pot by our tomatoes!
Those might be just the thing...

I looked up some homeopathic recipes online and I saw that geranium oil was used in a organic brand I like.

So I concocted my own recipe and did a few minor revisions.
The final recipe is easy, cheap, works well, feels and smells good (insert Michael Scott quote here).

So spray it on yourselves, your kids, your outdoor gathering areas, outdoor tables & chairs, and even your pest-ridden plants! We use it every 15-20 minutes or so while we sit out in our garden in the evening for ultra security.

Ken labeled ours "F Brand Bug Spray" cuz seriously: F those skeeters.

Non-Scary Bug Spray
-Find a Pasta Pot (or the largest pot you have)
-Fill the Pot(but don't overpack it) with fresh mint (any, all, mix variety will do)
-Add 2-4 fresh rosemary sprigs
-Add Marigold Flowers that have been separated a bit with your fingers (3-12 heads, fresh or dried out). Or a geranium head. Or geranium oil. I use the marigolds.
-Fill pot with water about an inch or two from the top and let everything steep overnight

-The next day: bring the concoction to a boil and bruise it occasionally with the back of a wooden spoon as it comes up to temp.
-As soon as it gets a good boil going, remove from heat and let cool
-Muddle the stuff a bit with the wood spoon every once in a while as it cools down
-When completely cool, add a couple of glugs of Rubbing Alcohol. Depending on the pot size, 2-6 tablespoons will do ya. Use your good judgement.
-Strain and add to a fine mist spray bottle. There will be lots of leftovers for gifts!
-Label it as you wish.
-Use liberally.

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ARM said...

Thank you for this great alternative to bug spray. I'll be trying it for our family trip to Maine this week.