Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tentatively Speaking

When I saw the photos of a homemade tent for sale I was impressed with the look but unwilling to pay the price for it. I figured although I am no stitchery sleuth I could make one myself.
So I did and maybe you'll want to!
Those generic-plastic-pop-up tent-things everyone has are so last-year anyhow.

Find an old flat sheet for a twin bed (I guess you could go bigger too if ya wanted). I made my daughter's out of a twin size. The color is the palest robin's egg blue with teeny white flowers. If you don't have one you're willing to donate to good times, maybe someone you know does.

Fold the sheet in half so the short ends touch and serve as the bottom ends of the tent.
Ok, now there are two sides for two different or one symmetrical design.

I cut out felt animals from templates I made from Googled animal silhouette's. Felt doesn't fray at the edges, so yay for that. But I also cut birds from some neato material that did fray, so yay for that too.
I cut out some pieces and layers for a sun and one long honkin' piece for some grass effect - going for the whole outdoors thing. I even used two doilies in different diameters for "flowers" and sewed buttons in the center of them.

But before you think I'm playing down my sewing skills listen up:
glue all this stuff on with fabric glue!
Let it dry overnight.
Then go back and throw some thread and embroidery floss in for good measure and a truly homespun look.
Seriously: sew with wreckless abandon it'll look better.

I will suggest that the thread or embroidery floss contrasts with the fabric you're sewing on.
Get creative with the concept and think about what the kid you are making it for would like. Maybe dinosaurs or windows and doors for a house feel. Trains. Fish. Peace Signs. Whatever.
Even get a little Martha-ish and have it coordinate with your yard decor.
That is if you have a yard or decor or even know what Martha-ish is referring to.
Then, definitely with the embroidery floss, sew sturdy ribbon in long lengths to all four corners at the middle point of the ribbons.
Tent: done.

Then grab a rope or a clothesline and 4 tent stakes and you have hours of fun for the kiddies or a perfect place for even you to take a nap.