Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pinterest Your Interests

As a designer, a homeowner and voyeur of all things aesthetically enticing, I cannot tell you how many random pieces of loose magazine pages (with good ideas as opposed to crappy ones) I have floating about.
I have folders and binders of loose magazine "tear sheets." Too many to mention.
I tried to stop tearing out pages and opted for scanning them right in to my computer instead for a while. I had all kinds of design folders of inspiring spaces/ideas(and 1 folder of recipes I rarely remember I have).
There is a folder for Fireplaces & Mantels, Bedrooms, Window Ideas, Floors, Kiddie Spaces, Porches, Gardens, Lighting, Fixtures, Knobs, Dining Rooms, Washrooms, Laundry Rooms... I kept up on that for about two months but it grew tiresome. I think my megabyte (or is it gigabyte?) capacity started stressing out with all the stuff I kept saving in iPhoto. I was stressing out with trying to keep up with my catalogue of design ideas and sites!

But recently, I have found my salvation.

My friend and fellow design lover, Sarah, introduced me to the organizational tool my "Internet A.D.D." and my design eye has been craving for so long: PINTEREST!

I can save aaaalllll the design sites I've been looking and lusting after. I can even save good gift ideas for the people I actually plan ahead for. Hell, I can save nearly anything from the web - there's a "Board" for that (of whichever naming I choose) because I customize it for myself! Maybe you don't know what a "board" is yet, but trust me: you'll wanna find out...

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