Sunday, July 24, 2011

On The Fence

Ken and I have been working on making our backyard not only a place to grow as many vegetables as possible, but also a cozy intimate space worthy of meandering. Although we have done quite a bit to get there - well, my husband has done quite a bit - in the last two years to make our yard full of life, we have not gotten to every project quite yet. In the future, we have planned on making our neighbors expansive old fence a bit more sumptuous by adding a trellis for beans and clematis - but have not yet gotten around to it.

So as I sat staring at the boring fence the other night, I got a great idea for giving it a little life inspired by a Babble clip I'd just seen.
I decided to make a garland to hang on the fence.
I made it for free and it took about thirty minutes.

Rip some 8" long pieces of fabric (or longer) for a Anthropologie effect.
Make an upside down "u" and place string over it.
I had 2 choices of string but ultimately went with the frayed one to stay with the whole theme.
Figure out how long you want your string first.
Loop the ends of the fabric over the string and pull through the other side. Pull tight.
I strung mine across my dining room so I could pepper the colors around as I saw fit.
Choosing to do all one color/fabric would be coolish too.
Felt might be nice too and better for OCD-types who don't wanna see frays.
Be sure to leave slack on both ends of the main string for tying it up!



Leftover scraps from a project I did in my daughter's room + string = fun & easy!

Gussy up your fence too.
Or your campsite.
Or your BBQ bash.
Or yourself:

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