Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dining Out

My husband Ken and I have continued to gather things to "dress" our backyard. We moved here three years ago to a very blank, very linear slate. I would look out from my mudroom towards the yard, grateful for what we had, but overwhelmed with possibility and work!
We have since done a ton of experimental vegetable gardening, arduous weeding, and collecting of chairs and surfaces to create and outdoor dining room that begs to be sat in and enjoyed. Now, it's hard not to look out my back door every day and not want to sit down. And have a cocktail. Or coffee. Or a meal. Or meander around and pick veggies. Or weed some more. Or come up with new ideas.

There is something to be said about dining outside. Not only is it fun but it can be seductive and enriching to be surrounded by our little outdoor universe. Picnic blankets, card tables draped in burlap, overturned tubs, benches, actual tables... They all serve as a great surface for simple or elegant food to be shared and honored with someone you hold dear.

Forego the overly scented, overly priced candles and opt for something short, sturdy, and scentless. You wanna smell your food not the candle and see your fellow diner(s).

Leaves or flowers from your garden, placed in vases or repurposed jars serve as perfect impromptu table-scapes. Just be sure nothing is too tall or in the way of the conversation.
Reflect upon this in February.

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