Thursday, July 14, 2011

Following D'Artrections

Vincenza, my precocious daughter is not following directions very well these days. I'd laugh if she weren't my kid, but that's not my reality. Reality is the fling-down-flop-body-loss-of-spine-thing that she does when I grab her hand to walk in a parking lot, or walk her inside to take her daily siesta. You get the idea. I don't blame her. I'm an independent woman myself and if someone tries to tell me what to do I'd like to drop dead or run before I were succumb to them, too.

But to our chagrin, following directions "is a part of life." I figured I better get her on the bandwagon. So instead of having her practice following directions with some sort of marching order I opted for a fun route. We made art. She willingly followed my lead and I praised her every step of the way for doing so. Looks like things are on the up and up.

First, (while she was occupied) I cut 2 of everything: hair, face, legs, pair o' arms, 'dorable 50s-style bow, roundy shoes and hearts. Oh - I used scraps of paper for this and gave myself mom-of-the-day-points for being green.

Then, I drew giant triangles for dresses so we could cut them out together. She practiced following directions and using fine motor skills, too. Yes, I said fine motor. And happily, she followed.

After that we glued on the pre-cut parts.

She was so involved and proud after we had assembled her "dolly" as she kept calling it. Mind you, this is obviously translatable for a boy figure too: go with the standard rectangle for the body and lotsa blues if you're feeling gender-color-confined.

After some jumping and oohing and ahhing we hung them to dry. Later that afternoon we colored them with markers when they were dry. We then hung them next to one another as we recalled the awesomeness and accomplishment of following directions.

Crossing my fingers for the rest of the week. But I'm guessing some poor schlub will have to witness the noodle-child being dangled by her mother's grip.

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