Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Faerie see. Faerie do.

The slide was searing hot from the sun.
The swings got old after using each one several times.

So during our trip to the park I channeled my ol' Ma and began gathering sticks with Vincenza.
We made a faerie house - well, a faerie bedroom.

My mother and I used to make impromptu faerie/toad/gnome houses quite often. I especially liked outfitting them with little walkways made from teeny pebbles resembling stepping stones. It felt more enchanting having them lead toward the sweet little shanties.

The bed in our faerie bedroom was complete with a bark headboard and pillows made of pale rocks.
We even placed a log-ishy stick at the end of the bed to serve as a bench.
The surrounding walls were easily made by my daughter and I by simply jamming some sticks in the dirt until they were placed "just right," as 'Cenza kept saying. "We doin a project," she added several times. My mom taught her about "projects."

The joy on my daughter's Kewpie-Doll-face.
Passing on my extraordinary mother's teachable (and fun) moments.
So satisfying.

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