Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Time to Kill

It's hot.
Really hot.
Can't go outside til the evening - the news people said so.
And my kid is asleep on the couch.
I started doing the dishes (a.k.a. the chore that consumes my life).
I kept thinking about what else I could do inside that would make my happy and perhaps allow me to use my old brain for creativity today.

I didn't wanna paint and make a mess, so I went to my to my third floor to use a real office for once and hopefully get inspired.
I passed our teeny-weeny guest room on the way to the office that had been sitting neglected since February and 1/4 complete. So, I decided I could add a little charm to it with whatever I had rather than glaze over in front of the computer. I'd shop around my house. For, it was too hot to go out and shop, the meteorologists said so.

I moved a chair from the basement all the way up three flights of stairs. I added some vintage stuff on the wall I had previously put up for sale so I could actually keep it and admire it. I hung a little shelf that had been sitting in a closet under a mirror and added a couple pretty little jars with cotton balls and swabs.

It felt good to be that resourceful and productive in the hour and a half I had to myself. Now I need someone to sleep over.

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rebeccatabbutt said...

I spent my "too hot to go outside, but kid is napping" time paying bills and watching Grey's Anatomy re-runs. I think you may have been a tad more productive than I was...;)