Thursday, June 9, 2011

Glide Away

I walked up my stairs yet again and awed at the Eames rocker in my daughters room before me.
I love the lines.
I love that it's timeless.
I love that I'll have it forever.
I love that I nursed and rocked my little girl in it.
I love that my husband gave it to me.
And I look forward to putting in our Master Bedroom one day!

My friends who have recently had kids have forgone the whole ickish glider trend too. Instead, they have opted for weathered hand-me-down pieces that they have left in their used glory or upcycled in some way. They've chosen pieces that reflect their personalities rather than choose something conventional from a big box store that everyone else has.
Making a person and therefore having a baby does not require eliminating your style from their room.
I mean, you've gotta be in that room and look at it too.

Vinnie Chair!

Modern Affordable? Really.

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