Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Honestly, there's something catchy about 'chilaxin'

I really didn't know what it meant to truly relax until I really had stress.
Real stress.
The kind of stress that feels like a frog in your throat and gives you a 1/4 of an anxiety attack every day.
The stress that comes from being a first time mom with a two-and-a-half-year-old with a dynamic personality (and an inherent defiance) bigger than the universe can hold.
The stress that comes from wanting a bigger and better existence for your child, your partner, your family, your house, your career, your accomplishments, your wallet, your vices, your figure and your quality of self.

In my youth, what I thought was "stress" was caused by some greasy-haired boy not reciprocating my admiration, or not having an extra twenty bucks to go to see some band. Perhaps I thought stress was from not being able to juggle my social calendar. Right.

So it was an unexpected treat today to go and visit my chosen family - a.k.a. my mom's bestest friends - with my Ma too, at their beach house. They entertained my lil' trio with ease and admiration for all we have become. Undoubtedly it felt good to be surrounded by waves, cocktails, snickety and love, but surprisingly it was more fulfilling deep down.
Even though we were hours from our house, it felt like home.
That's relaxation.

I even got a run in while I was there too!
Check on the figure front.

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