Monday, May 23, 2011

Watch out for Whimsy

When the three of us planned our trip to the Please Touch Museum, it was as if we had a turned a corner. Finally, it had come to fruition that me and my adorable husband had not scheduled an event for us to get dolled up, eat something exotic and have too much wine -- it was strictly geared for the benefit and fun of our mop-haired kid.

Although I had been to the Museum before, it had not been in its current housing: a Beaux-Arts architectural masterpiece we got to show are now cosmopolitan 2 1/2-year-old. Instead, I recalled attending a sciencish dank row house with musty red carpet, sticky walls and moving parts. The new museum site is quite the departure from its former. Surprisingly, I was already having fun. Rather than obsessing over fellow patrons and their poor manners (as I often do), I was too busy watching my kid play and glow in the surrounds of a late 1800s masterpiece. Not only was Vincenza having fun, but so were Ken and I. We started snapping away with our camera at bits and bobbles of the building before we even set the lens on sights of our silly little girl.
We went from room to room, all of us pleased and overwhelmed.

Hours later when the time had come to go, Ken reminded me he had saved the best for last. Personally, I really didn't see what could have been better than that which we had already seen and done. Yet, we were to have our finale moment on the carousel. I walked nonchalantly over to the door leading in to the glass conservatory that held the said carousel. Vincenza and Ken merged through the doors with grand smiles and I stayed back overwhelmed with quiet joy.

The restored antique swirling and glowing carousel surprised my heart and the back of my eyes watered. At 31 years old I felt lifted by the sunny details and craftsmanship poured in to this this masterpiece made for kids! And I was even happier to see my husband and my iPad-obsessed-toddler feel the same! At that moment we were all kids. At some moment we have all been kids. I wanna have more moments like those. Our souls all crave more moments like those. Make em happen:

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