Thursday, May 19, 2011

Needed Sunshine

It's no news that "a breath of fresh air" lightens any mood and stands the test of time as a saying we all revert to at one time or another whether we prefer to blurt out that old adage or not. Yet, less often can we name people in our lives who are continually the embodiment of that said phrase.
My friend of 17 fast, fun and fragile years, Amy, came over today with her four-month-old son for lunch. Not only did she come bearing a large and genuine smile while lugging her tiny kid in an obscenely heavy car seat, but a sunny disposition (which she's known for) and bouquet of five bright, big & simple sunflowers. Her fresh air and happy gesture immediately brightened the grey rainy day that existed outside my three-story brick facade.
She didn't bring flowers because she felt like she had to (we're not like that); she did it because she actually wanted to. That intent was tangible. That's what love feels like. That's what pure friendship feels like: bold, bright, heavy, nourishing, uncluttered, easy.

Perhaps it's time you want to lift someone's afternoon that you love soon, but only if you truly feel like it!
Pick a flower. Clip some Spring blooms from your yard and put them in a jam jar and share those suckers. Go a step further and trim that jar with a bit of ribbon from an old present or twine normally intended for your tomato cages. Not because you have to - because you actually want to. There just might be that somebody you adore who could use a breath of fresh air too. Thanks, Amy. Love you 5000.

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