Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kidspiration Chair & Book Nook

I was going through my photos just now in amazement of how fast the last nine years have flown by. I've spent nearly the last decade with my now husband, Ken.  For more than the last three of those years I have been pregnant and now mothering a precocious little wonder of a girl.  In all these years, He and now She have inspired me to create a feeling of home in either of the two happy houses we've lived in.  And to me, home means having a teensy slice of pampering, acknowledgement and panache in our own spaces.

When my daughter graduated from a highchair to standard height, I thought it called for a celebratory little piece. Acknowledgement. We had a bought a set of 5 dining chairs at a consignment shop and the fifth had stood lonely and abandoned in our basement for sometime.  It was time for it to come out of hiding -- my KID was ready for a chair!

I cleaned it up & removed the seat.  Outside, I sprayed the chair a cheery yellow. FYI - I've tortured myself with rollers and brushes before on chairs. Spare yourselves. Spray.
I then covered the seat in oil cloth for easy wipe downs and praised myself for the forward thinking.
After I reattached the seat and put it it my kitchen it was a great ta-da moment! But something just wasn't right.  The design aesthetic in me wasn't pleased about the pattern of the oil cloth not being repeated or referenced anywhere else in the kitchen. I looked around and then I had it. I'd make a super special spot for my beloved Vincenza: a book nook! Not to mention, I'd make it coordinate with the chair.

Here's how ridiculously easy it was to make a book nook, so go do it already:
1. Remove the lower shelf from your adjustable cabinetry.
2. Measure the back wall of the open space that you just removed the shelf from
3. Cut out a piece of cardboard or other forgiving/flexi material 1/2" less all the way around from that of your measurements.
4. Cover that "cardboard-back-piece" with batting and secure with duct tape on the back
5. Then cover the "cardboard-back-piece" with fabric of your choice & also secure with duct tape. I used an outdoor linen - but whatever you are comfortable removing kiddy snack stains from will do.
6. Use the shelf from the bookcase for the seat by adding a piece of foam OR plastic bubble packing sheets for comfiness! Then repeat steps 4 & 5 on the seat.  I opted for the oil cloth again on the seat, duh.
7. Staple gun down the fabric on the bottom of the "seat " followed by a smooth coverage of duct tape again for extra heft through the years.
8. Add packing or industrial strength Velcro on the backs of both upholstered items.
9. Place the "back-piece" in first - obviously expose the sticky side of the Velcro for adhesion & then place down the "seat" on the bottom shelf.
10. Add your kid's books on the shelf above your new nook and take pix how much your kids love hangin' in their very own special spot!
*Oh - kudos to you for encouraging reading too!

Cenza loves it.  She reads books in there while I'm making dinner. She eats popsicles in there when she's really in the mood to concentrate.

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